The quality found in PVA metal products and parts has a lot
to do with the precision fabrication technology from which they are produced.

As well, our company’s managers and employees rely on a state-of-the-art manufacturing ERP software system to ensure that you get your products on-time and made to spec.

Key Shop Machinery:

Accurpress Edge 425014 Press Brake

  • Tonnage:

    250 US Ton

  • Key Dimensions:

    14' with 12' between frame
    18" Ram Open Height
    10" Ram Stroke
    16" Throat Depth

  • Backguage:

    CNC, 6-axis (y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2)

  • Controller:


  • Accuracy:

    Y1, Y2 0.0004" Repeatability

  • Dies:

    Wila precision dies & crowning

  • Safety:

    Lasersafe and full guarding

Calypso Sharkjet 612 Abrasive Waterjet Cutter

  • Cutting Area:

    6'-0" x 12'-0"

  • Min. Thickness:

    Shim Stock

  • Max. Thickness:

    10", but varies by material

  • Cutting Heads:


  • Accuracy:

    Linear per axis ±0.003”
    Repeatability ±0.001”

  • Pump:

    60 hp, 60,000 psi

  • Water Filtration:

    Closed-loop system

Allsteel Shear Press

1/4" mild steel capacity x 12' long, hydraulic, adjustable blade gap & rake

Pierce-All 30-60 Punch Press

1/4" mild steel capacity, 50,000 psi

Bini Stroke Sander

10' long x 4' wide, up/down adjustability


welders (TIG, MIG, spot, stud) & fume extractors, H-Frame Hydraulic Press, sanders, rollers, drill presses, cold saw, notcher, power and air tools